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Material Girl is now offering Long Arm Quilting Services!!

Edge to Edge Machine Quilting



Edge to Edge                                                   .025 Sq. inch
Thread                                                               $3.00 per bobbin
Batting                                                               $10 to $19 per yard depending on selection
Attach Customer Supplied Binding               .12 per inch (binding must be 2.5”)
Make and Attach Binding                              .20 per inch (fabric must be supplied for 2.5” strips)
Attach binding and hand stitch closed       .30 per inch
Please carefully prepare your quilt top and back following the guidelines below.  A $25 per hour charge will apply to any work that must done by Material Girl to prepare your quilt for quilting including, but not limited to: Piecing backs, pressing, repairing seams, cutting loose threads and squaring.


Quilt Top Preparation:

  •          Top should be pressed making sure all seams lie flat. 
  •          The quilt should lie flat and be squared up. Please understand fullness and puckers that are pieced in, cannot be quilted out. Measure your quilt across the top, at the center and at the bottom. The 3 measurements should be the same.  Please make necessary adjustments prior to quilting.
  •          The quilt top must be free of any embellishments.
  •          Remove all pins and trim any loose threads
  •          Mark the top of your quilt with a safety pin

Quilt Back Preparation:

  •          Remove selvages and use a minimum of a ½” seam allowance if seaming the back.
  •          Press seams open.
  •          Back must be square
  •          Back must be 8” to 10” larger than your quilt top.
  •          Sheets will not be accepted as backing fabric.

Minimum Charge $45 per item

Click HERE to print the intake form for your quilt. 

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